Aico pressure washer price in Kenya

You will not go past several car wash businesses in Kenya without coming across an Aico pressure washer somewhere. Aico is a popular brand because of the performance the machine gives. From the high performance and reliability, it is no doubt that the Aico pressure washer price in Kenya is worth it.

Electric Aico pressure washers are efficient and have engines that provide better output in terms of pressure than many of the competitors. The small 1400W Aico electric washer is able to effortless deliver 1885 psi and generates 5.5 liters/min. You can pump that up to 14 liters/min water flow which is quite significant if you go for the bigger and higher power electric washer. The washers with the big capacity of course cost more than the small ones. There are several models for you to choose from with higher PSI outputs.

A higher water flow means that you get more water at your disposal to clean more easily and quickly. This is a great feature you can expect from Aico pressure washers. The electric Aico washers mostly use single phase power, which means you do not need a premises with three phase power.

You also get a great choice of fuel powered Aico washer models. They come with many varying features to enhance performance. For instance, overload protection for safety, muffler for noise reduction, and economical low fuel engines for continuous running without overspending.

Aico pressure washers will definitely help you grow your car wash business. Aico is the brand you have been waiting for and an investment in one is definitely worth it. We are official suppliers of Aico brand with a wide range of both electric and fuel powered washers for you to choose from. Whether you want a small machine to add to your arsenal or a big powerful one to be the main one for your business, we have got you covered.