Diesel car wash machine price in Kenya

If you are investing in a car wash machine for heavy business use, then a diesel powered one is your best option. Most car wash businesses in Kenya use diesel machines because of their reliability and ability to achieve high power. The diesel car wash machine price in Kenya depends heavily on important features of the machine you choose.

These features that usually determine how much you pay for the diesel car wash machine can be summarized into one word – performance. The first feature to consider is the flow rate. The flow rate of the washer determines how much water you get as you clean. The higher the flow rate (which is a rating given in liters per hour) the more efficient the machine will be and the easier the job will get done.

The other important feature to consider in performance is the pressure. The pressure rating of the machine is given in bars. The higher the pressure rating the easier it will be to clean even the dirtiest vehicles that can come to your business.

Still at performance, you should pay attention to the quality of the parts used like motors and the rest that affect how well the machine performs. The brands of diesel car wash machines we stock have parts made by leading manufacturers of parts and engines. This gives you the guarantee you need that you are getting a wholesomely quality machine that will serve you well.

If you are in the market for a diesel powered pressure car wash machine, then look no further. We are the leading suppliers of high quality diesel car wash machines in Kenya. We have established great working relationships with the best manufacturers to bring you top quality machines while offering affordable diesel car wash machine prices in Kenya. Contact us now to learn more.